Body Fabulousity!!!

So I am beating my body into subjection… LOL..
Just kidding, didn’t mean to sound so “deep”.. (imagine me holding my quotation fingers up).
I started on my journey about the 3rd week in January where I decided that I needed to change my eating habits. I had to do it for me and not just for fad dieting. I would visit Taco Bell, Burger King, and Arbys a lot. Not only was I wasting money but I was kinda lying to myself… I would order a cheeseburger kids meal and think that was okay. I had already eaten an 8 piece Southwestern egg roll from Arby’s w/ curly fries and a soda. I had gained at leasst 15 lbs since September. So when I stepped on the scale at 204.. I was like &%*^&9 no!!! It’s time to stop girl. LOL.. I decided to go back to my old trusty but healthy plan of following the south beach eating plan.
So after a 3 day headache and withdrawl symptoms on Superbowl sunday from wanting a soda so bad I could kill somebody.. I kicked the caffeine habit. So now you have it.. I wasn’t at the superbowl party at my church because I knew if I went I would buy two of the many 8 ounce sodas that they had available just to get rid of my headache.. so I decided to stay home and sweat the addiction out on the couch. :). I was really sweating too.. Soda is like cigarettes man.. you gotta kick the habit and fast.. so I drink juice now.. my fav- White Grape Cherry by Welches.. No sugar added.. it’s so good… it should be communion juice.. 🙂
I started eating more fruits and veggies… salads and lean cuts of meat… whole wheat.. smaller portions at dinner on a smaller plate…I eat fudge bars with no sugar added, make homemade smoothies (thanks to Shameka’s recipie), and sugar free jello for snacks along the my favorite CHEESE!!! The first song I ever wrote was about cheese.. I’ve baked a cornish hen, made shrimp/chicken alfredo, chicken parmesan, spinach and romaine salads, tuna (gotta love a good tuna sandwich), and sphaghetti (spelled wrong) with ground sirloin. I started lifting weights again.. trying to tone up these arms and get my quad muscle back in my thigh.. I am doing pilates too.. which is good for the core (fat belly).. I never thought I would see my belly go.. but I guess it can leave too.. It’s leaving slowly but surely. My clothes fit a little differently now.. but not good enough.
I’m not trying to loose it so fast that if I look at food I’d gain it back, so I am taking my time. We are going to Florida in April and if I am not as fabulous as I’d like to be by then, it’s all good… there is no rush. It took me 10 years to put all of this on. I’m not trying to send my body in shock by taking it all off with Adepex or some other drug for weight loss. I’m going to do it the healthy way.. Changing my habits for a lifetime not for the meantime. So I found people at work that like to play tennis.. (as I do) but I haven’t gone yet.. the racket is still in the trunk along with the balls.. I want a bike… but I don’t know when I would ride it exactly. Maybe on Saturdays I could go out for a ride but I don’t have a bike rack on my car (at least I don’t think I do)..
I think I want to look good for me and to feel better for me. Every since I changed my eating habits I find myself with more energy and more drive. I get so much more done with my time. It feels like I have done about 3 months worth of work in one month. My hair is healthier… and my skin is brighter now too because I hate wearing makeup because you have to in order to look normal. I think if you look jacked without it then you need to do something about your skin… just my opinion.. My eyes are getting white instead of the yellowish tint they had before.. my nails are growing faster which isn’t good for me because I keep them short.. there is just something about fake fingernails on a keyboard in a quiet room that drives me up the wall. lolol..
I think I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin since I am getting older..and exercise and a good diet will help. I just need the body of the 20s in my 30s so I have to work to get it back. I want to live a long, healthy and prosperous life.. I want to look my best and feel my best. I want to not feel winded when i get to the top of the stairs. I want to be able to run on the beach.. I want to travel often… I want to laugh, love, and and live… I want to be the best me I can be.
I have a friend who is not willing to be disiciplined enough to loose weight naturally so he is going to go after the surgery. I am not happy with his decision but I can’t make it for him. I said my peace but he is still willing to go through with it. He is really into appearances…. If you change or have a surgery to loose weight, you should do it for yourself… and not some chic!! I pray he listens.. I am rambling…. “Clearly rambling”
So here is the end to all of this:
My ultimate weight loss goal= 150 pounds
What will I do when I loose the weight? – Go to London Spring of 2010.
Who will go with me? – Whoever is down for the cause… I’m not talking about it.. I’m just gonna be about it.. Ya dig?

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