The Dancing Bears

Well.. I am tired of looking at CRM application demos… I had another presentation today that seemed like a never ending commercial…. “our system is this… we have state of the art that” I mean.. everyone promises the world. My questions is can you deliver?

I know now why my VP calls the salesmen the dancing bears… it’s because they spend about 75% of the time showing us things that don’t really matter like all the neat widgets and gadgets and stuff…

They turned the lights out last week and I almost fell asleep.. Coffee helped a little. I am not a coffee drinker so i put at least 1/4 cup of sugar and a behind of creamer.. so my coffee was light skinneded.. LOL..

Some of these guys should realize that their are too many screens in these applications.. come on who wants to do all that drilling down and around… Not everyone is on email.. there are still some mom and pop stores in this nation.

I don’t like the way that the sales guys try to read you.. it’s like that is a part of their manual… make a major statement and pause………….. for reaction… I am learning to be poker faced and act uninterested… like I’m saying “yeah, I’ve seen it all before” I’ve also learned to make general statements like “The system was great”. This leaves them feeling very confused because it doesn’t mean that their presentation knocked your socks off.

The firm ending handshakes and nice to “meet you”…. the business card exchange.. the pause that I feel from the sales men when they realize that a young looking black girl has decision making power and can make or break their plot for new business… WOW… it’s cool to be me right now..


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