An Accomplishment!!!

I just finished my final touches on my first volume of poetry entitled
“The Meditations of My Heart”.
I printed off the cover and the manuscript. It really looks good. I felt so satisfied to have finally finished a project that I set out to do. I never dreamed that I would publish my poetry in a book form but I have done it.
I started off with a small discourse based on a message that my Pastor preached called “Refuse to Fight It”. I was inspired so much that I decided to write about it. It serves as the introduction to my world and my becoming who I am meant to be. I have several things that I have written and I have kept it hidden out of fear… I’m ready to stop denying who I am… I’ve been doing this and have kept journals, short stories, greeting cards and poems to myself. Why would God give me anything else if I don’t use what I have? I can’t continue to sit on the gifts and talents that God gave me.. I’ll stop here because it isn’t wise to tell people everything.. but there is so much more to come from me in 2009.
I am sooooooooooo excited..
God is great and He’ll do just what he said he would once we step out on faith…

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