The West Side Story- Planet of the Apes

I am watching the West Side Story tonight because I am a major fan of Natalie Wood, but as I barely get into the movie I realize that this is a pretty corn flick. The dudes pants are soooo tight and the march around the streets dancing while they so call guard their “turf”. This is pretty funny but it does make me realize that some of the first films on gangs (whether people choose to admit it or not) were actually made with white people in them. They are so stylized and silly looking that most fail to realize that this was something that was a serious issue and has been throughout American History. What most blacks have done with this type of film is show the real deal. I mean what is it all about: whites vs puerto ricans?

Then when I arrived home earlier today, my dad was watching the lastest version of Planet of the Apes which is one of the most racially charged films that I have seen in my life. I basically think that the writer or film maker was saying that this is what will happen if the blacks take over the world. We will imprison all of the whites and our world will be savage. You have to look at it… notice how they had the different apes/monkeys/ chimps/aragatangs/ etc all classed off and only the lighter apes were smart and all the dark apes were soldiers or just hanging on the corners.. and the thing that topped it all off was in the original movie, Charleton Heston found the statue of liberty buried. In this version, Mark Walberg landed on the steps of the ape that freed the other apes (Abraham Lincoln)…. hidden message: this ape signed the emancipation proclamation and now look what the world has become…

Well that is enough of my commentary for the evening…


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