I’m Encouraged

I went to church today to hear what the Lord had to say concerning me and I am home now more encouraged to stir up the gift that God has within me. I realize that I am living and walking in blessing that my forefathers prayed for. Mine are on the way…

I’ll declare that my children and my children’s children’s children are blessed and supplied in Christ Jesus.

I thank God for the music and the books that he has put inside of me. I thank God for my home, my family, my husband and my children. I just thank God for allowing me to see a brand new day and regardless of what happened this morning or what will happen tomorrow, I know that God has so many things laid up for me and just as he told Abram to walk before him and be perfect, he is calling us to do the same thing… and then he shall do so many things on our behalf. God is awesome and I thank him for his word and for the ministry that I am a part of.

Now this afternoon I have to work on one stream of my dream: My book of poetry…. I need to compose the introduction and dedications then upload it on the web and make sure that the layout is correct. I pray that I’ll have a copy in hand by the new year to share with everyone. It is a book of poetry that I have written over the years. This is merely volume I. It is entitled: The Meditations of my Heart.

So many great things in store for me.. i need only step out on faith and walk in them.


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