The Right of Free Speech

I watched the Obama prime time special tonight or what MSNBC called an “Obamercial”. I believe that this was a believable pitch for votes as well as a genuine look into the heartland of what is going on in America. I then switched to one show that I don’t get a chance to see because I am at work. It is ABC’s “The View”.

Elizabeth Hasselback drives me up the wall. Although she is opinionated and very aggressive, she is narrow minded in her views. She mentioned on the clip that I was watching.. that the troops are fighting for our right to free speech… My father is a retired veteran… I grew up as a military brat and had the opportunity to travel because of the United States Government…I am by no mean unpatriotic… my dad called me a sympathizer because I thought that we had no business killing Sadam Huessain… he had nothing to do with the World Trade Center…as soon as George W Bush was elected I knew we were going to war because he needed to finish what his President Bush Sr. started… For all those who are interested, please watch a movie entitled “Loose Change”. It is really an eye opener about the entire Bush empire…

I know that was random.. I stated that to say that I don’t believe that we are fighting for the right to free speech… I believe that we are fighting so that the Texas/Bush machine can be rich… I wouldn’t be surprised if this blogg is tagged for Anti-American slander and if George’s little brother doesn’t run for president in the next election… let’s talk about Marvin Bush that was the head of security for the World Trade Center until September 10th, 2001. Watch “Loose Change”…

Let’s talk about how the buildings exploded…. It looked like a demolition. It didn’t look like an uncontained explosion… They have radio transcripts of NYC firemen stating that bombs were going off in the second building before the plane hit. I am not an conspiracy theorist by any means.. but all of this leaves a huge question in my mind..

Free speech is not what we are fighting for… We are fighting over and have been fighting over OIL!!!

No doubt I am casting my vote for BARAK OBAMA. All those who don’t, I’ll pray for you.. If he doesn’t win, God help America. If he doesn’t win, let’s go back to the early votes and make sure the ballots weren’t switched.. If he doesn’t win, let’s demand a recount in Florida… Keep in mind people that the electoral college is what counts.. Al Gore won the popular vote but Bush got the electoral college.. Don’t be ignorant and say that you don’t vote because God will take care of it and you’ll just pray about it all.. I ask you in the spirit of England’s Sir Francis Walsingham on the movie “Elizabeth”- Is God a mortal man and must he get involved in the politics and conspiracy of men? He put you here so you should go vote.

People were stomped, jailed, beaten into submission, and marched for your right as a black person or a woman to vote in this country. Exercise your right. Stop being dishonorably discharged so you can keep the right to vote… Obey the laws so you don’t go to jail and loose the right to vote Black people!!!!!


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