I had one tonight in church.. If I wait around for life to happen, I will miss out on my life. There are so many things that I had on the back burner for various reasons.. like my book of poetry, my music and traveling to new places. I am a great person and anyone that thinks differently is just plain old mad. So with all I have to offe I must be patient and deliberate in all decisions that I will make going forward. Some people should be cut out of your life. At times it hurts when someone cuts you out but it is always for the best. It’s all gravy though. I am moving and shaking like the wind and I intend to get all that God has for me. Some people are only meant to be in one page of your story. We mess up when we try to keep them in the story for eternity. I resolve to continue to live life without limits and without boundaries. It is a new day in my life. One in which I will live the dreams that God has given me and march on to victory..

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