Avoided… Only to be let down via Email? What a coward!

So I did it.. I put myself out there again with a guy that I would not normally go for and I was avoided and basically dissed… so I decided to not put myself out there like that again. I just have to continue to wait on God’s best for my life. I am tired of being the tail when it comes to relationships. I can’t spend any more of my precious life thinking about or waisting time on relationships again. I am just so outdone right now. I am going to post the letter here to remind myself that I am done.
“Hello XXX, I know you are wondering what is going on? I been extremely busy with work and ministry…..I don’t think you like me, like I like you!! I dont want to get hurt in this relationship and sometimes you make me feel inadequate, especially from the last conversation we had on the phone…..Sometimes I feel that you and I are on two different levels spiritually and socially…..I would love to really get to know xxx, but this feeling I get from you…is that you still got BARS up when it comes to me………When you are trying to develop a relationship……A lot of sacrifices are made in order to make this a reality!! In saying all of that…..you know what kind of job I have….IT’s a 24 hour job……..I would love to come and see you, but due to my conditions, I cant travel like I would love to do!!! So, I feel within myself that I should move on……You are a beautiful young lady and know you are going somewhere in GOD!! If you desire you can respond to this email.God Bless you”
So this kinda sounds like a strawberry letter in a way. I might send it to Steve Harvey just to see what he says. That would be funny to hear. Maybe not.. I know that I am not hurt behind it.. I am kind of confused in a way. How can a man be whining about making sacrifices for a relationship when he isn’t willing to even make the seriousl effort to come to see you when you live in another state but you have been there at least 2 times. I am saved too, but does that mean I must spend all of my time under a pew or at someone’s convention/convocation to prove it? Just because I don’t speak in the King James Version doesn’t mean that I am just like not saved at all? And then what social levels are we on that are so different? I almost think that this is a cop out… but right now it isn’t even worth my brain cells so I will stop talking about it.


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