EBT Card Questions

We were at lunch at McDonalds the other night and one of the team leaders asked me if I had an EBT card…. My first inclination was to go off over the seemingly stereotypical question.. I mean just because I am a black female.. I have to have an EBT card.. what the!!! I came to myself and realized who was asking. The little dude didn’t know any better. He thought that it was some kind of credit card thing. They had no idea that it was for welfare or TANF. I explained along with Shelley what it was and they all became excited and said.. “we need that here in the Philipines”. Man… look what some people take for granted.. government assistance..

BTW… There are a lot of single mothers over here. I didn’t hear that much about this in India so I think that maybe it might be culturally acceptable to be a single mom in this country. I have about 4 in my class alone. Okay military guys don’t turn this into another Korea where there are villages of bastard children.

That’s all


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