Bomb Sniffing Dogs- Try it in Augusta

We arrived at work the other night and of course you have to go through a maze to check into the building. Our bags are check every night and every time you pass through the doors. It’s not like they really check hard because they just have stick and they kinda glance into your belongings. This night was different. We were the only people to have bomb sniffing dogs brought to the gate and the little Filipino guy was telling him to sniff our stuff.. I was like DANG!!!! I guess we take stuff for granted in the US. We come and go as we please and act testy if we are asked to go through a security check. I for one, avoid Ft Gordon because I don’t want to get out of my car, pop the trunk/hood., and get out so they can violate my civil liberties… Well guess what.. wherever we go over here, there are armed security guards with M 16s or whatever they are waiting for something to pop off.. LOL.. Try that at one of those ghetto clubs in Augusta and see what you get… Maybe someone should have an armed security force.. I am not talking about “Mr Franklin” security that we know where I work.. I’m talking about some S1W’s being breifed every morning in line like they are in the military. I bet those little wanna be thugs in Augusta would straighten up then. Enough rambling for now.. I have about 4 other topics to discuss on here..

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