Bachla Come here- interpreted… Gay boy come here

Okay so
This was an interesting thing to find out. I knew I saw some peeps with a little bit too much sugar in the tank but I just kinda laughed… I asked one of the ladies about it and she said that they have their own special language.. WOW.. They are called bacla.. or gay boy.. They are well accepted over here.. There are plenty of cross dressers and ma’am sirs like I call them. I asked one guy if he was bacla and he said yes but not like the other bacla.. He meant that he wasn’t as flamboyant as the other guy in the class

I’ve seen it all here.. dudes dressed up like chics… complete with the makeup, long hair and the walk and all.. If you think I am homophobic.. I’m not.. I just know that God didn’t make Adam and Steve… I am off the soap box for now.. Enjoy..
That’s All


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