African Men in Manila (LOL)

So we went to the lounge down stairs in our hotel because we met the “lounge singer” in the elevator. She is an african american woman from Ohio. She’s been here for 4 months… she invited so we went… Well by the time we got down there, she was done singing so we decided to sit at one of the tables and enjoy the strange ambiance in the place. I am talking about waitresses with orange, blonde, and green wigs and two men dressed up in Afro wigs… who happened to look like Diana Ross drag impersonators… I turn around and a black dude was waving me down… I told him to come over because I wasn’t planning on getting up… so he came over…. He offered to buy us drinks.. I asked for a coke and Shelley ordered some type of daquiri… He was shocked that I didnt’ drink and that I like Gospel music. He was really trying to pick me up… well of course being in a strange country I declined the offer… He said I looked like I had rhythm and offered to drive us to a salsa club.. I declined again.. then he said if we wanted to he could invite us over, we all go grocery shopping and cook at his village… Yes Village being the key word in that sentence. So I’ll give you some information on this mystery man
He is from Australia.. He is orginally from Ghana. He works for the Australian government (Embassy) as a secretary for the Australian Aid or something like that… He was nice, but very drunk and a bit pushy.. Thank God we were actually in our hotel because it could have been another way. Its all good though because it seems like I am off on another adventure…

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