Love is Life and Life is living…So says Mary J on the 411 CD…. I have found out that love is God and God is love… If you love God, then you’ll have a life and he’ll make it worth living.
So we are into about 4 weeks of me and T together again like Bonnie and Clyde.. I hope that things work out this time. We are really having a good time. He wants to transfer and move here to work because he knows that I won’t. He like a flower that is opening itself up and reveals itself layer by layer.
We played the guess what my favorite color, food, scent etc game. He said that he thinks that I pay good attention to him. I guess I do try to make mental notes about things when they go on around me. For instance, I know he like black coffee no sugar.. no cream.. LOLOL.. no not LL Cool J.. he just simply drinks it straight. I know he buys shirts and takes them straight to the cleaners to be pressed and he doesn’t like creases in him pants.. I know he likea a special kind of Egyptian Musk from store in the ville. I know he likes to watch wrestling, football, and nature shows on TV. He likes “The Wire” on BET and he tends to watch some street fighting show. He is kinda lactose intolerant. He like seafood and pasta…. which he so graciously eats with a spoon so he can wisk the pasta up into a neat little ball to swallow.. LOLOLOL.. He likes good customer service when he goes to a restaraunt. He always how much to tip the server… like I know..
Today he asked me if we had an anniversary date. That was strange.. Most guys don’t keep up with that kind of stuff so I told him he was special.. like on the short bus..
Tonight he seemed distant so I am interested to know what is going on with him.. He says that he was into the story about the miners and that he was watching Dog the Bounty Hunter, but I am interested to know what is really on his mind..
I guess that’s it for now.. I hope he can come to church with me next week.. we’ll see..

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