My life..

So alot has transpired since the last entry here on blogger..
J’Mon turned out to be nut leaving me messages talking about how he wanted to make passionate love and things.. WOW.. but then he turned around talking about how he is going to the kingdom of GOd.. he is terribly confused. We did go out on a date that turned out to be tragic because couldn’t keep his hands to himself. That was before the text msg incident about making passionate love.. I told h im that I wanted more.

Then there was the matter of a childhood friend and brother that said he liked me and I revealed that I thought that thought from time to time about him but would never say anything unless he said something. We ended our curiosity with a resolution to be friends only forevermore.

Big O ended up being a huge baby.. and proved that he wasn’t ready for any type of commitment or relationship for that matter because he doesn’t know how to control his temptation to buy when he doesn’t have the money and tried to borrow it to get what he wanted and justify his actions.. He had the nerve to have an attitude about the whole thing too.. WOW..

SO that brings me back to TGJ.. who has come around again. I believe that this time is the final time and we will be married in 2008. It is just too right to waste so this ends my living single blog…. on to in a relationship..


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