Okay So…
I went to my college gospel choir reunion this past weekend. It ended up being a great time in the Lord. I am glad that certain people didn’t come because then it might not have been so great of a time. Everyone there was doing great. It wasn’t about how much money you make or how many degree you have earned or if you were this or that… We just came together with one purpose in mind and that was to lift up the name of Jesus and we successfully did just that. We went in so hard on Saturday night because we remembered where we were, how far he has brought us and where he is taking us to individually. I just thank God that all of my friends are still just that after all those years.. My friends…We had many rough times and good times. We are still saved and going higher in the Lord. We sang a medley of songs that Tewakee and I created. Here is the order…

Fast medley
Anyway you bless me
Nothing but the blood
I am God
I’ll Go

Slow Medley
I Love the Lord
Lord I Love You
We Offer Praise
Precious Jesus
Total Praise

We wrapped it up with “I Got a Reason”. Then we proceeded to go in after all of that. It was a fabulous concert. I really feel like that when I record live, these are the people that I want to sing in the choir. I’m going to make it happen.

Red Carpet Moments
I asked someone to take a picture of Tewakee and I when we were in the lobby of the conference center. I gave Candace my camera and all of a sudden about 10 other flashes went off. I kinda felt like Princess Diana at that point because we were the center of attention. I LOVED it though… LOLOL

Anyhow, I have put it all in the hands of the Lord. I asked again yesterday in church for my husband to show up. I don’t really know at this point. I pray that God’s will be done in both of our lives. To pray anything else would be selfish. Right now I am going to do what God told me to do.. Wait. I’ll do what Lady Harris preached about…stand still until his will is clear to me.


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