A Beautiful Surprise

Last night was one filled with surprise for me. I came home from church to find out that a long lost boyfriend JH… called the house and claimed he was looking for me. He says he called all of the people with my last name in the phone book until he got lucky. He wanted to meet me somewhere so I agreed and we met at the WH… it was about 11:45 when I arrived. He was looking as good a ever with a tad bit extra weight on him but I couldn’t tell the difference. He had the biggest brightest smile like I always knew that he had. He grabbed me and hugged me tight. He smelled really good (like I knew he would).. I had to tell him to let me go because he was holding me so tight. He was like.. “you want me to let you go”.. I said yeah man.
Most of the night I spent staring at him because he is still so good looking and I couldn’t believe that I was sitting there talking to him after 14 years. We dated in 1993. It has been a long time since we sat down face to face and spoke about life, issues, what happened between us and other things. He was on the police force in Dekalb County and in the ‘boro. He looks like he could have done that job well. He has the


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