In God’s Own Time

Sometimes we get ahead
Of what we supposed to do
Sometimes we sit in judgment
While loved ones are going through
We know what to say
But say it we rarely do
Selfishness gets in our way
Causing crashes that are undue
But in God’s own time
He’ll raise us up
To be the keeper of our brother
In God’s own time
He’ll bring us out
And we won’t even remember
All the suffering and heartache
All the misery and pain
Like a the dawning of a new day
Our light will shine like the sun
The favor that is due us
Will be shone to everyone
A table full of enemies
With a spread just for you
Prepared in your honor
Because God said that He’ll do
So continue to seek his face
Continue to seek his timing
Continue to walk in grace
Goodness and mercy are finding
Because he promised that they would follow
All the days of our lives
But we must learn to dwell
In God’s timing, his will, and his purpose..


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