A New Lease

We decided after much discussion that the way to go is to be friends until he can get past his problem. I resolve to love him until eternity. I am his rib… bone of his bone… I am his wife. I prayed again on my way home on Saturday. I heard the Lord say… just wait… simple as that. So I will wait. I began to think about how much we are alike and then how we are different. I began to think about our ministries and how they compliment one another. I began to think of the work that we will do as team ministry for the kingdom. I began to think of how much I asked God for and what he has given. I decided to wait. I need to learn how to do that anywho. It doesnt’ matter what anyone else says… not his ex or my ex’s of whoever… I know in my heart and spirit that this is my Adam… the one that will leave his father and mother to cleave to me and I will help to reach destiny… I began to think of what I could have done differently in our relationship… how could I have been more sensitive to his needs instead of selfishly thinking of myself. His father told me that he loved me like I was his own daughter and so did his mother… God told me that he gave me an extra set of parents in them… I have two big sisters in Lisa and Riccola… I have one more niece and two nephews. I have a daughter already… I want two more children… I will have them… TGJ and I will be married. Our life together will be wonderful. It really doesn’t matter how I felt about anyone else. This is the person that I want to spend my life with. He is the other part of me and I am the other part of him. He is tender, thoughtful, and respectful without being scandalous. He respects my celibacy as I do his. He is a God-man. I am praying for his deliverance from this force that has tried to hold up this blessing in his life as well as in mine. This is the man I am supposed to be a help meet to. I know it and he knows it. I am glad we talked this weekend and I am glad that he called me yesterday..

And the beat goes on..


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