Waitin Man is back in the game 2

Well I received a message from JF on my voicemail at work. He said he received my email and he just wanted to talk to me. He gave me his cell number and asked me to call. He is doing great which was excellent to hear. He was dating a young lady whom I believe has him twisted up in the game. He denied it but I know he does. I guess we plan to meet this November in Memphis at the convocation. He said he was coming. I am already going so I’ll be there regardless. He of course sounded good and was funnier than ever. He said something that I thought was really funny. He said that he is the number one draft pic.. LOL.. that was great. He’s stuck on himself. I agree that he should be. He also said that it seems like we would work even though he is up there and I am down here. Well, I am just gonna enjoy the ride, meet new people, find out what’s inside of me by getting closer to God and enjoy life..


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