Prophesy in Part… the Rest God Reserves for Himself

I just realized today while typing up my notes from the school of the prophets that God spoke a word to me through the prophet that propelled my into my destiny. I have been looking back at certain things and certain relationships and ignoring the fact that maybe I have never laid eyes on my husband. I have really been trying to see my way through this whole thing. Where has my faith in God been in this entire situation? I can trust him to deliver me from sickness and a countless number of other things, but I fail each time when it comes to relationships. The word was so specific… “God has a man for me that understands me as well as friends. People don’t understand that I really love people but God has that man for me”. I thought at the time that it was TGJ. Now that I read my notes, I have come to realize that it was him. God was pointing me towards himself.. to draw closer to him. The note that sticks out in my mind was that God never tells the prophet to tell me all, the word of wisdom/knowledge are only done in part. God reserves a hidden part to bring me into his presence. There is still something that I have to do. I was about to cry over here at my desk because I have been so caught up in what I want that I didn’t take time out to find out what God had to say about it. In that I realize that I am going to be married and I am not one of those people who won’t be married because God has him somewhere in a holding pattern. I will have children (Kiora and Alexander). I just have to trust God and be married to his voice. I have to be patient, holy and single entirely. Some people laugh at that slogan for our singles ministry but it is so true. We all have to be.

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