I Think I’m Alone Now

Well, It has been over a week since I spoke to him and I don’t feel bad about it. It’s his loss. I am never going back down that road again. People tell you to never say never… but I’m saying never. I’ll have to fight this with all my might because when it comes down to it, I deserve MUCH MUCH MUCH better. Love is not tragic. Love is not agony. Love is not a sad time. Marriage may entail all of those things but when you are dating, you shouldn’t be going through all that. I only asked for two things.. communication and time. He had neither…so I think I’m alone now.. there doesn’t seem to be anyone around.

Let’s dissect the word Alone

All- the inclusion of everything to the exclusion of nothing
One- single and whole..
So I am all-one…
Chilin and ready to continue down the path of life..


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