Jennifer vs.Beyonce, Dreamgirls Soundtrack vs. B’Day

I am very disappointed in Beyonce Knowles.
First of all let me say that I am a Beyonce fan. I was also a huge JHUD fan during American Idol. So I love both singers. When B’Day came out, I purchased a copy. I loved the new Beyonce sound… I recently received the Dreamgirls soundtrack for my birthday and was saddened when I realized that Beyonce was really attempting to sound like Effie (JHUD).. If you don’t believe me or think I am hating, take some time and listen to the phrasing on Beyonce’s Resentment and Suga Mama.. and then listen to Jennifer sing One Night Only and I Am Changing. Then think about the timing of her release (B’day). Why release your CD so quickly? Is it because she is feeling threatened by Jennifer Hudson’s rising star? Think about the cast interview on Ophrah. The role that everyone wants to play in the play is Effie because of the song “I am telling you…”. Why wasn’t that song sung on Ophrah? It is the song that makes the show. I know that B sings “Listen” but that isn’t what we want to see Dream Girls for. We wanna hear Effie sing “I am telling you”..

I am again state that I am highly disappointed with Beyonce Knowles about this. Most singers will recognize that she is intimidated and therefore attempted to sound like Jennifer Hudson. But why? All I can say is wow!~ Go Jennifer.. U the WOman!!!


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