A dream


I had a dream that I was in a business conference. I was with another black man at the time and we were going to get lunch in a large place like the CNN center in the ATL. We were having lunch with two white guys… one who had dark hair like Chris Quomo on Good Morning America and the other had blonde hair. They had on these power suits…so…we were having lunch and talking office politics and the former VP of the division of the company that I work for now sat down at the table… I was like wow, what is he doing here…and another lady with long brown hair joined us…At that moment a black man walked up and I immediately recognized him… in excitement I said “heh! How you doin?” He told me that he was glad that I remembered him and he had someone that he wanted me to meet… so I excused myself from the table and went over to his table where a brotha was waiting…. I shook his hand and sat down…I remember the hairstyle but not the face…. Then the alarm clock rang and I woke up… How messed up was that!!!

I decided to log it so when it happens I will remember that I dreamed about it..


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