Too Good to be True

Well I keep getting that comment from Waitin Man.. Here’s a snapshot of the conversation:

Me-How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful and I have the Monday blues…. Idon’t wanna work a job.. I wanna live my dream..Are u planning to go to XXXXXXX this year?

HimHey my weekend was blessed, glad to hear ur doing great for you. Well iwould Love to go to XXXXXXX however as it stand for me i’m praying Godopen some doors for me b/c i really feel i’m not in the place of myblessing here in XX

Me- That’s good that your weekend was good…. I hope you are praying aboutwhat u need to do..

HimTrust me i am praying. This may sound out there but i was thinking about XXXXXX i know cowboy land lol

Me– Heh if that is what u wanna do… Just make sure you are in God’s will andtiming..I heard it is a nice place.. My brother went there.. XXXXX is there next yeartoo so I can’t wait to visit there..What are you doing now in XX?


Me- Okay.. so a brotha has a plan huh? LOL.. .that’s good to know.. whatcha gotdown the pipeline?
I am so glad I have a chance to talk to u today… 🙂 U made my Monday…I’ve been missin your conversation.. Don’t be blushing either…. U r themeasuring stick that every other brotha has to measure up to.. LOLOLOL..Ifthey don’t meet or surpass U then they gets no time from B.. u should beproud..

HimI know i say this all the time however are you really being forward w/ meor is all of this just southern Game?

Me– What is southern Game?.. I’m am only being honest.. (honesty) is definitelynot a southern thing. … I am for real about “dudes measuring up”.. It isa good thing.. I apologize if I made you uncomfortable in anyway..

Himno it doens’t make me feel uncomfortable. it’s almost like to good to be true

Me– I don’t know why u keep saying that… cause I am real… no games here…I know that you might feel that way and If I were you I would probably be feelin the same… I might think the same about u.. LOLOLOLOLOL.. I just bought the new India Arie.. (I love her message in her music.. I know she aint saved.. LOL) She has an interlude song on there about living with an open heart.. well I am that lady who is determined to live life with no fears or boundaries… if i get burned then, so be it but I’ll just get back up, dust myself off and live some more… I realize now that God wrote the script for my life before I was born.. He isn’t just making it up as I go along.. so he knows what will happen next…. U know we hear this all the time but I don’t think we process it… I finally did.. He knows what my tomorrow holds.. (wait how did I get off on that?…LOLOL).. So i wanna live with an open heart to love laugh and live…

I haven’t heard back yet but hopefully I will.. He’s a great guy and I think he is shell shocked a bit.. we’ll see what the deal is…

Him- Yes i want to Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me– LOLOLOL!!!! I hope so… so really, what are you thinking right now…Why do you think that I am too good to be true..

Him- I mean it’s like why do you have to be hundreds of miles away and be the type of woman i’m looking for Funny, Smart, down to earth, style, Very Pretty!!!!!!! and most of ALL SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOTIEMYBOWTIE


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