It’s been a long time since I wrote anything but alot has happened

To begin with, I have met so many people in the past few months.. Some seem to be promising and others were full of #$#%#… I don’t curse so you fill in the blanks.. I met a “super-star gospel person” who ended up wanting phone sex…whoa!!! what kind of industry are we a part of…. i can never listen to the CD again because all I can remember is him asking to scream my name and an image of what I thought he might be doing… the rustling of sheets and my desire to laugh and the disappointment I felt later when he refused to talk about his issue.. well… I don’t give or want groupie love… i thought it was more but I guess i was wrong..

and I met a CEO or a “gospel” organization that curses and drinks more than I could ever image that someone who is claiming “Jesus” would do. He is a nice person but I question the motives for spearheading an organization that promotes gospel music..

I get hit up on the space by lil youngins.. (young heads under 25) as if I am their age.. I know that Avon Retroactive worked but good lawd!!

An old flame tried to get back in but I had to play him soft so he would understand that I don’t have time for the games.. he later revealed that he is shell shocked and only gets to a certain point in relationships and then he shuts down. .. i said if I would have known that at the beginning I would not have waisted my time or his..

So when it all falls down, I just want to go on record and say that no one yet has compared to waitin man.. He is the measuring stick for all of my new found friends… he is. if I dare say “the one” if there is such a thing… He’s remained the center of my heart’s joy and the focus of my prayers when I talk to God about my love life… because you know I do talk to God about my love life…or the lack of one.. LOL.. I wish someway we could be closer so that I could hear his thoughts.. as i press the refresh button on my computer.. awaiting an email from him.. I again wonder did we just meet to restore my faith that there are good men out there or did we meet to make this a lifetime thing… I must admit that at a certain point I had lost hope.. but I heard that there is hope for the hopeless and I found that in the arms of Jesus.. He knows what I need… so again I pray let the north wind blow… I’ll just be here waitin man…


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