Conversations in Black

Cell phone rings in the middle of my day
Someone from the past in on the line
He’s tryna hold conversations
Asking me how I been so I
Keep my deva in tact and say I’m doin fine
Why try to resurface after your disappearing act
Got no time for games
Especially the kind you like to play
Well brothas the sistas are waitin for the real thang
Not the shallow- superficial game you tryna bring
So let’s have conversations
Maybe we can become friends
Who knows where this story’s gonna end
You might be a page
Maybe even a chapter
You just might be a lesson
Maybe even a disaster
So take time to know me.. Ya know the person inside
I’m more than lips, hips, and fingertips…
So much more than thighs
I’m savin my heart all for the one
Who has proven man enough
To hold me down and stay around
And have conversation
So talk to me.. let me know what’s on your mind..
I wanna know all about u…
Whether it be good or bad….
Talk to me..
Show me what’s inside…
Just because you’re fine
Doesn’t make you worth my time
Naw bro you aint gettin no play
Don’t get it twisted bro
I’m saved
This lady don’t care if your eyes are green or brown
She wanna know can you reach heaven
Are you and Jesus really down
This lady don’t care bout your frat or your degrees
But when your family’s in trouble
Do you know how to call on Jesus
Let’s have conversations
Tell me what’s on your mind
What do you want from me?
Show me the real you
I’ll show you mine
You might be a sentence
Not even worth the time
But we’ll never know
If we don’t take time and have


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