The professor!!

Okay so I just found out that a dear old friend thinks that i am cute…
He is a flat foot sangin nice dressin brotha…. who happens to be a shop-a-holic and often broke beyond what I could ever imagine…. LOLOLOLOL
So he was scared to ask for my number at the conferenc because he was embarrassed when we were in the hotel lobby… he asked me to step into his office and I was like what the %^$##@… Again i dont’ curse so you fill in the blanks…
He doesn’t want children.. says he prefers a dog because they don’t cost so much.. that would be his shopping money.. what kinda crap is that!!
he is too deep…. doesn’t like scary movies.. says it would mess with his spirit.. LOL… just learned how to bowl.. and skate.. what kinda negro grew up in the 80’s and don’t know how to skate? Amazing!!!
I ended up gettin his number from a friend so that I could email his pictures to him.. he’s a nice person but a big baby and would need far too much attention from me… I am the female you know..
He didn’t even have money to put in his gas tank upon his return home after the convention because he purchased some $350 gators… wow! Then he was like I know you are feelin me… I was like I don’t know what gave you that idea..
Well this was an F-project.. so we are just friends..


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