An old man… scientist…wants to get to know me.. LOL

Here it goes…. he started the chat.. but I really not interested.. he has dark glasses.. probably no sense of humor… I don’t tend to like guys who look old enough to be my father.. I just looked at who viewed my profile and realized that he has looked at it about 6 times.. I mean what is really going on?

tom0528: Hello
lyric1973: hello
tom0528: How are you this morning
lyric1973: I am fine and you?
tom0528: Great
lyric1973: that’s good..
tom0528: It is a pleasure to fainally chat with you after all this time.
lyric1973: thanks.. what’s on your mind
tom0528: By the way, my name is Tommy
lyric1973: hi tommy do you have a job?
lyric1973: u get it like Martin>
tom0528: LOL. I just wanted to introduce myself and see if you were interested in getting to know one another.
tom0528: Yes I have a job.
lyric1973: I am open to become friends.. you’re 35 right?
lyric1973: and you;re a scientist… what kind
tom0528: Research at UGA
lyric1973: what kind of research….
tom0528: Food Safety/Microbiology

So he put me on hold right here… I’ll wait because this could possibly be good footage.

tom0528: Give me one second…
lyric1973: ok
tom0528: I’m back
tom0528: So are you at work right now?
lyric1973: yes.. r u?
tom0528: yes
tom0528: Is there a better time we can talk?
lyric1973: like when?
tom0528: later today or this evening

Now it is coming back to me…. He gave me his digits last week…. I didn’t write them down or call so I believe he might do it again..

lyric1973: I’ll be on here off and on all day…
tom0528: Can we talk or is that too early?
tom0528: I’m very interested in learning more about you.
lyric1973: Too early definitely….
tom0528: okay, I’ll look for you later tody to see if you are online
lyric1973: cool
tom0528: Chat with you later…

Okay so his window closed.. I knew that he would want to speak to me…. He doesn’t really have a personality.. some people you can kinda get a feel for them and decide if you’d like to speak to them on the phone.. and others just seem to be dead heads..

I guess that is why they are single and need Alex Hitchings to hook them up on a date because they have no personality…. This was his 3rd attempt to talk to me.. he just doesn’t even have a hint of humor over the net.. Lord help him..


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