Trueman shows true colors

This weekend I had a conversation with Trueman… again.. He asked me if I was an affectionate person. I told him yes in the correct context so I decided to lay my cards on the table to see what his had looked like. I asked him how he felt about sex before marriage. I am a born again virgin. He said that he hasn’t met anyone that is worth waiting for and the last girl who told him he wasn’t getting any ended up changing her mind about it. He also stated that he would find it hard to consider spending his life with someone with whom he hasn’t been intimate. Well I told him how I felt about the whole thing. I said that I don’t do that and it is because God says it is wrong. I am a worship leader in ministry and that clouds my worship. You can’t cry or sing the sin away. You have to have to be pure in heart, mind and body in order to usher people into the presence of God. God doesn’t want strange fire. That is one reason why he commanded the Israelites to drive out the other heathen nations from before them because of their sexual worship acts in their temples. They were instructed not to intermingle with them or to take wives. God created intercourse and it is beautiful within the confines of marriage. He said that he understood my point and respected my position. I will probably never hear from him again. If not, then it is his loss.


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