Northern Men vs. Southern Men

I wonder is there really a difference between the two. I met a guy from the RI who is wonderful, well spoken, funny, saved, sanctified, and saved for real. He’s not trying to get in my panties or find out what color they are. He’s not making passes at me or acting like he is a heathen. I feel blessed to have found a friend first in this young man.. but I wonder if it is a regional thing.. Are guys up north really different from the down south negroes?

This man is into poetry, music, plays, and most importantly THE LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. He is trying to lead his home in the absence of his father (who is deceased) into the way of the Lord by taking a lead and being a mediator. He is holding family meetings.. and studying the word to know what to say. All I could say was let the Lord use you child!! How attractive for a young man to be all he can be in the Lord.

He recited a piece he wrote for me today. It was nice.. talking about being a soldier in God’s army. That’s what I’m talking about!!! He’s got his priorities straight. He even said he would ask me for ideas that our ministry is doing to implement in the RI..

Well.. this waitin man is worth my wait… if you know what I mean.. We’ll see where this goes. I am just amazed that God has so many hidden treasures. If you are single and saved.. don’t give up because God knows how to make the crooked places in your life straight. Don’t give up because he is out there somewhere looking for you.. God will move.. Don’t get it twisted, I am not saying that this guy is the “One”. I am just saying that he is a beautiful surprise.


One thought on “Northern Men vs. Southern Men

  1. Thank you very much woman of God! You have a black man Blushing lol wink. Thank you for them beauitful words i’m not worthy! All glory goes to God the Father!Know that God is and will continue to bless you in every area of your lyfe if you continue to trust, and stay line up to God perfect will for your LYFE! STAY BEAUITFUL, SAVED AND REALLLL! LUV YA!

    James Freeman aka SpeaksLyfe! thats my stage name lol

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