Shut the City DOWN!!!!

I think that the worth while person that I have met so far has been Waitinman.. He is a gentleman, saved, funny, smart, and last night I had the worst thought… Why isn’t he snatched up yet? What if he is married? I don’t really know all of the signs of a married man but that thought just crossed my mind. I just hope all goes well.. I sent an up to date pic to him this morning on email.. he likes the new look… not that it matters really…. if I like it who cares… I mentioned that since he is still away then it might be hard to meet in person…. he said what does that have to do with it. I told him that I am game if he is so I guess we will meet after all.. I am kinda of excited about it…. but I gotta keep it in perspective.. but then again.. let go… let flow!!!!


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