Online chatting (again…)- A nice person maybe..

Here we go again on another chat today.. This guy seems to be kinda interesting except for one drawback.. His eyebrows are majorly thick but that is only a physical flaw.. He didn’t smile in his pic so I am not sure what I am working with in a dental hygenic way.. (if that is a word)..

lyric1973: How are you doing?
trueman: hey sweetie, i am doing fine, and you?
lyric1973: I’m good.. so what’s shaking up your way?
trueman: nothing much, i am at work chillin. what r uup to?
lyric1973: same here… I know this sounds crazy but what does an electrical engineer do? lyric1973: u there?
trueman: i work for an international testing company,i test electrical eqipmenttrueman: for different power companiestrueman: what do u do for a living?
lyric1973: I am an outsourcing and customer service manager for a major appliance company… trueman: wow, do u like it?
lyric1973: It’s cool.. I have been to India twice for the company so that was nice.. what about you .. do you like your job?
trueman: i like it, i get to do a little bit of traveling, mycompany is sending me to St.Croix, in the Virgin islands on thursday.

Okay so the brotha’s got a good JOB..

trueman: you are such a beautiful and attractive woman, are u open to a serious relationship?
lyric1973: shut up.. have fun man.. that’s hot for real… Serious relationships are good…. I’d like to get to know someone first though.. being friends is so important
trueman: i agree, were u feeling my pic?
lyric1973: You have a nice picture.. Why didn’t you smile though? Just wondering..
trueman: not sure why

Yeah right…. could it be that your teeth are not as attractive as you would like?? Just joking here but it is something to think about..

trueman: so whats ur idea of fun?
lyric1973: My favorite thing to have fun doing is laughing with friends…. I am quite animated so I always have fun when I talk to people..
lyric1973: and u?
trueman: i love to watch movies, play pool, cards, bowl, workout, cook, and travellyric1973: okay so what card games do you play?
trueman: mainly spades, thats all we played in college, all nitetrueman: can u cook?

There’s something in common.. SPADES.. but the cooking kinda threw me off.. I wonder if he is a heavy D? Then again Heavy D aint heavy no more.. he’s fine now.. LOL

lyric1973: SPADES it is!!!!
lyric1973: Yes I can cook why did you ask that?trueman: just curious, i like a woman that can cook and play spades
lyric1973: LOLtrueman: i also love a woman that is affectionate, are u affectionate at all?lyric1973: I am a specialist in spades.. I can cook but it isn’t my alltime favorite pasttime… lyric1973: yeah I am affectionate.. in what way are u referring to?

I have to ask because this again is a chat… people’s minds can be anywhere… and I don’t want to give the wrong impression..

trueman: well, i love to kiss, hold hands, cuddle, andbe romantic. i also like to show my baby lots of attention
trueman: whoever she may be
lyric1973: okay…. just wondering.. U never know what people might be thinking when they ask questions.. so did you grow up in Matteson?

trueman: no, i was born and raised in Chicago. i moved to the suburbs after i graduated from college
trueman: how far is Hephizibah from Atlanta?

I guess when people think GA they think the ATL… how many times have I gotten that question?

lyric1973: it is about 2 hours.. it’s really outside of Augusta..
lyric1973: what made you join this site.. Chicago seems to be a large area with alot of possiblities..
trueman: there is a big quantity of women but not a lot of quality. i joined because a friend of mine found his wife online
trueman: have u had any luck on here?
lyric1973: wow.. how did manage to do that? It’s like a forrest out here..

Any luck huh? That’s pretty funny…. I wish I was having this conversation with waitinman instead of trueman.. LOL.. well those are the breaks.. His profile mentions that he is on the prayer line at church.. I wonder what ministry.. that would kinda put it in perspective for me I believe.. I might be able to get past the brows.. LOL..

lyric1973: Its really kinda slow on here…. a lot of people wanna give out phone numbers and stuff andmarry you without know who you are…. or they want me to get on planes or in my car to visit them.. too soon.. I like to get to know people first.. what about you…. I always see you on line when I check to see who is on line.
trueman: i like to get to know people first too, i only talk to women that meet my requirements and are very compatible
lyric1973: you mentioned in your profile that you are on the prayer line at church… what church do you attend if I may ask?
trueman: i attend XXXXXXXXXX, iam a phone counselor for prayer at my church, i enjoy praying for other people
trueman: what about u?
lyric1973: I attend XXXXXXXXXX.. I am on theXXXXXX and the XXXXXX.. and in the XXXXXXX
lyric1973: A man of prayer.. very impressive…

I put the XXXX in there to preserve anominity.. so get over it.

trueman: you like that?
lyric1973: yeah..its a good sign.. it’s important for a man to know how to get in touch with God.. I wrote a song once.. A real lady doesn’t care if you eyes are green or brown.. but can you reach heaven… are you and Jesus down..
trueman: so u can sing too?
lyric1973: yeah I can.. I just put out a CD…. if you get a chance go to XXXXXXXXX.. you can hear some there…

This is one of the decent conversations that I have had on this site so far..

trueman: i sure will
trueman: you are talented and beautiful, nice
lyric1973: thank you so much…. did you say that you like to bow. too? I love to bowl.. although most guys get intimidated when we bowl because I am kinda competitive… real trash talker.. especially if they can’t bowl that well.. lol

We got disconnected at this point but the chat restarted..

lyric1973: sorry I got disconnected
trueman: do u like football?
lyric1973: yeah I like football but I have to be in the stadium to really enjoy it.. I love b-ball but I haven’t been into the NBA finals like I normally would be..
lyric1973: I just feel like the heart is missing from the game.
trueman: so if we were together you would go to a football and a basketball game with me?
lyric1973: I tend to act a fool at sports games.. yeah Iwould love to do that..
trueman: wow, sounds like fun
trueman: do u drink at all?

Well I guess he is on the Budweiser commercial with his boys glued to the wide screen TV with Pizza… scratching his crotch and burpin’.. this is a no go..

lyric1973: no…. not at all.. do you drink or something?
trueman: no not really, i am not going to say that i have never had a beer though
lyric1973: I have had a beer before when I was in college and some mad dog 20/20.. boones farm and gin and juice but I haven’t consumed alcoholic beverages sicne I was about 22yrs old.. I got saved. and gave all that up

He’s a drinker.. socially.. this aint pretty..

trueman: i hear u
trueman: do u want kids when u get married?
lyric1973: definately.. yes.. no more than 2 though..
lyric1973: and u?
trueman: yeah i want a family, i am looking forward to that.

trueman: i have to tell you though, my parents are from deep down , so i am very country with my eatig
trueman: deep down southtrueman: Texas and Alabama
trueman: i love fried perch, gizzards, okrs, dressing, collard greens w/smoke turkey, macaroni, souther spiced chicken, etc
trueman: okra
trueman: is that ok

Oh its been confirmed possibly…he might be fat.. go big boi what you gone do?

lyric1973: oh fish .. Ii thought u were talking about a kinda bird when you said perch
lyric1973: what is the difference between southern fried chicken and northern fried chicken.. I hate okra though.. won’t ever touch it..

I hate it when people say that by the way.. I don’t believe that there is a difference.

trueman: southern fried is spicier
trueman: are u country at all?
lyric1973: a moment on the lips lifetime on the hips
lyric1973: lol

Waiting for confirmation… is he big or isn’t he?

trueman: i hear u
trueman: well are u feeling what i am about so far?

He’s going in for the kill… hold on to your seats kids.!!!!

lyric1973: this is actually one of the nicer conversations that I have had on here..
lyric1973: so to answer your question.. yeah
trueman: nice, well i really like what you are about too.
trueman: i would like to go a little further with you and exchange numbers, is that ok?

Okay so kill me.. I’m giving him the cell… it’s not on until Wednesday cause a sista gotta pay the bill.. he’s nice though.. so whatever….

lyric1973: yeah that would be fine
lyric1973: u first?
trueman: ok my number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX
lyric1973: do you have a real name first?


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