Internet Dating…1.0

So at the advice of others I have expanded my world to the universe of internet web dating chat rooms.. I picked and have met some interesting characters there.. I have retrieved about 4 phone numbers and two requests to meet these gentlemen.. I spoke to one on the phone and have corresponded with several others..Here is the transcript of one such request….

shonuffsaved: hello
lyric1973: what up playa!!!! How was your weekend>
lyric1973: thought you weren’t speaking to me anymore
shonuffsaved: i spoke to u friday
shonuffsaved: so what’s up?
lyric1973: nothing… what’s up with you?
shonuffsaved: chillin
shonuffsaved: come to Fville.. spend some time with me
lyric1973: so let me get this straight.. you want me toget in my car and drive over 3 hours to spend some time with you.. I guess chivarly is dead… LOL
shonuffsaved: yes
shonuffsaved: i will give u gas

What the hell kinda response it that.. He’ll give me gas… what happened to the man coming to see you?

lyric1973: why would I meet you on unfamiliar territory.. you could be a crazy person.. lyric1973: I think you coming this way would be a better idea..
lyric1973: so just in case I have to call my daddy to come beat you up he wouldn’t be that far away..
shonuffsaved: hmm ok
shonuffsaved: so what if I invite u to come minister at our church
lyric1973: I would have to submit it to my minister of music

His motives are wrong already don’t you think? I mean if you were just interested in my coming to your church to sing, why not ask that up front? It’s like a ploy to get me to come to NC. I would never go alone even if I did go. I would take my brother with me and perhaps a switchblade..LOL..

shonuffsaved: ok?
lyric1973: I’m still not comfortable with it….
shonuffsaved: so u don’t go places to minister?
shonuffsaved: i mean.. what do u do?
shonuffsaved: i see u’re not ready for national ministry huh
lyric1973: its not that and you know that “National ministry” isn’t your first objective.. your first request was for me to come to the ville to spend time with you.. this isn’t a ministry question.. shonuffsaved: ok
shonuffsaved: then i asked what if you were invited to our church to ministershonuffsaved: but it’s all good
lyric1973: yeah its all good..
lyric1973: what did you do this weekend?
shonuffsaved: and forget i asked u to come visit
shonuffsaved: i see we have 2 different agendas anyway
shonuffsaved: i did a little shopping.. cleaning, church.. relaxed
lyric1973: u salty or something…
lyric1973: so how was church?
shonuffsaved: not salty..
shonuffsaved: i interested in meeting someon i can pursue
shonuffsaved: church was fine thanks
lyric1973: pursuing isn’t my coming to NC.. let’s lookup a definition of pursue.. To follow in an effort to overtake or capture; chase.

Prime example of what we single women go through.. Negroes want you to chase them.. Chase me baby!!!! Work for me!!! Show me you know how to pursue what you think is worthy of your time.. I refuse to lie down..

shonuffsaved: well i am not so much talking about you NOT coming to NC.. i really didn’t expect you to say ys anyways
shonuffsaved: i am just saying.. it appears we have two different kinddom agendas.. that’s all shonuffsaved: u’re very consumed with your church…… u feel u’re not going anywhere…….and u don’t even have a desire to explore new territory………… that’s all
lyric1973: okay.. I understand..
lyric1973: so why did you ask if you knew I would say no..

This sounds like some bullocks to me people.. why ask me to come if you thought I would say no.. he was hoping that I would say yes.. A word of advise to all those in the dating arena.. never ask a lady to come visit you.. If you want to see her make the effort to go her way. It counts much more to your character..

shonuffsaved: really pulling ur chain
shonuffsaved: i’d like to know why aren’t u willing to explore
shonuffsaved: take what u’ve learned and again anddeposit it somewhere else
lyric1973: explore what?

Okay so this is getting kinda heated.. He is salty.. why I don’t know.. I am not interested in going to NC.. Been there done that and have the t-shirt.. and he is a baptist minister.. sorry but just not my cup of tea.. What happened to people just being friends first anyway?

shonuffsaved: it’s like ure so closed to the idea of moving..
shonuffsaved: or that God would even send u a pastor.. etc

There they go there they go.. He put a picture on the site that is so far away that you can’t make out if he is a racoon or what… then he is a Pastor.. with a flesh problem…. I wish I would have saved that chat from last week

lyric1973: what happened to getting to know a person first? Good lord.. you got me with a sent matealready.
shonuffsaved: nope..
shonuffsaved: but in getting to know each other.. u learn where your 2 paths are going.. learn each otherassignments in the kingdom.. as well as career goals..etc……………… if there is no commanilty….. then it’s a waste of time
lyric1973: okay I understand…

Well he kinda got me on that point.. So why waste my time chatting with him huh? So at this point i’m exiting the picture..

shonuffsaved: any plans for this evening?
lyric1973: I have a meeting. We’re planning a banquet.
lyric1973: why u ask?

Well he never came back to this session.. I am not going to block him from viewing me but I am going to nip this in the bud.
What would you have said or done differently?


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