An email message.. from the online dating community..

I have viewed his profile two times and he looked at mines 3 times as of 6/12/06.. so I decided to drop a line.. obviously I interested him in some way….. I never message anything out of the way or provocative because I am not that kinda of lady.. He seems to be kinda nice and he’s in the Airforce too… now don’t get it twisted.. I am not one of those “wanna a guy in the military so I can get benefits” kinda person because I have benefits and have had them since I was 23.. Never desired to be in that position.. Here it goes..

lyric1973 wrote:
I just wanted to stop by because I read your profile and say what’s up.. So you sing on the praise team huh.. that’s good.. I do too.. anyway nice profile and hope to hear from you soon..

Thanks for dropping by. We seen each other profiles several times now. I guess speaking would be a good thing. Smile. What’s up to you too. Yes I’m on the praise team at my church. It’s a story behind it. In short, let’s just say it took 27 years to find out I had a voice to sing. Now it brings out the best in me. Thanks for taking time out to read my novel of a profile. Many overlook it because of it being so long. Oh well. What kind of church do you attend?


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