Something New

I spoke with several collegues of mine today about dating and relationships. One perspective was interesting to me. The gentleman stated that he wished dating was like is used to be in the 60’s and 70’s where you could just date different people with no strings. I was shocked by this statement because that would imply that people don’t date anymore. What we call dating is not really dating. What most women do now is lay claim to people. I feel like this statement was telling me that men and women date someone until someone or something else better comes along. It took me back to when I was in college. I had two friends who liked the same guy. He took on of them out and then took the other out. It was great to me because I had never seen any of them on a date, but they were at each other’s throats. I told them that they should consider what they would do if they were working together in an office and the same guy asked them out. Would they stop speaking to each other? Why can’t a man ask a woman out for a nice evening with no strings attached? Why is this so difficult today?

I think that we get too serious too fast. We should consider the entire person.. mental first. I dont’ think that the physical aspect should be explored until after a covenant of marriage has been established. Physical just complicates the matter when you really don’t know a person.
A second guy that I spoke to stated that he was almost to the point of marrying a young lady but she had what he eloquently called a duffle bag of issues that he couldn’t deal with. He was pretty comfortable with the other aspects of the relationship. It was the one thing that he couldn’t deal with. If it was perfect except for one thing… was this one thing serious enough to let the whole relationship go. Maybe for this young man it was super serious. Maybe it was just a petpeve. Maybe we should throw our lists of what he will accept and what we will not accept out the window and try something new.
In my speaking to these men today, I realized something about myself. I need to step outside of the box. I have only ever date musicians.. drummers, keyboard players, etc. I need a change.. something new.. So here I go!!!!

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