On Funerals

I had to sing at a funeral on Monday. For the first time my hands were clammy and my throat was dry. The only thing I could think about was the coffin that was stretched before me with a body in it. The family asked me to sing their father’s favorite song right before the eulogy. The song was Jordan River.. Which was a song that I always joked about how Bro McRoy sang it… When they called me to ask me to sing, I thought they were joking. I was nervous and I don’t get nervous. I thought I was smelling the body.. It could have been the man sitting next to me because his suit was kinda dirty. I couldn’t stop singing the song in my head after I sat down. It finally went away after about 2 hours.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really like funerals. So when I die, I want there to be a celebration. I think that it (death) is a happy occasion for the one who lies stretched out in the Cadillac to heaven so the funeral must be for the ones who remain behind.

I didn’t go to the burial service, but I did go to the repass. I wonder where that phrase (repass) came from originally. I never thought about it until today actually. Sister Best was wiggin out at the repass.. she is funny too.. It was like she couldn’t get in a rhythm to serve people.
Some people were looking like professional funeral attenders (as if there is a job description). They look like they can fall out and cry at the drop of a hat even if they don’t know the person. Some people thought Ricky Smiley was playing when he called around to funeral homes talking bout “who yall got down there this week”. Good times had Weeping Wanda.. LOL

I wonder why preachers read certain scriptures during the processional? Why is it that all morticians have a cold manner about them? Certain people look like morticians. The morticians have gone high tech too one of them had the nerve to have blue tooth ear piece on during the funeral..


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