Hiding behind words and phrases
Heart aching with pain
Should I choose right
Should I choose in my heart what I know to be true
Or should I go with the crowd
Should my heart be subdued
As fear of alienation grips my heart like a rotweiler does a bone
I wonder aloud
If I side with truth
Will I be all alone
So at first the middle I play
No treaty in hand
A person of neutrality
I’m just the middle man
No stance on the issues
A senseless quest for peace
But a sword instead is drawn
From it’s decorative sheath
Are you for or against me
Is the sword’s inquiry
Because the gray has now blackened
As grows the heart that turns from me
Should I choose right
Should I stand here all alone
But the sword of truth will stand with me
Dividing assunder marrow from bone
I choose truth
With all the aches
All the freedoms that it brings
All the fullness
All its power
For it represents my King..
Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life…….

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