Conversations- Communication

A co worker of mine went on a date this past weekend. I was happy for her and very interested in the outcome of this rare occassion in 2006. When I arrived at work I asked her how it went. She said he only wanted one thing… He didn’t come right out and say it but we all know what he wanted. She expressed that they had nothing in common and he made no attempt cover it up. Her main complaint about the date was he had no conversation. He was a huge disappointment…
Well what is conversation people? By definition, conversation is the spoken exchange of thoughts, opinions, and feelings; talk. So why do people have so many problems conversing? Perhaps its because they fill their days with distress, worry and craziness so when it comes down to actually having a conversation, they are so bogged down mentally that their motor functions malfunction.
Communication is not what you said but what the other person heard. It is also body language….

My advice single ladies is when you meet someone, get to know them through their communication not just conversation. Most guys can talk a good game. Here is a nugget of wisdom for you:

If a guy is always winking at you—– he winks at everyone and will probably sleep with anyone..he’s got a lust problem……so watch those forked tongued city slickers.


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