Thugs, Dubbs, and all that other ghetto stuff…

Now I have a problem with this picture… Is it really that serious? Who is gonna watch it? Unless he doesn’t have a neck bone. This is why we don’t own homes as a race… cause we spend our money on ignorant stuff like this TV belt or some dubbs or rims.. Black America has a problem called consumerism… We buy anything and everything that is fashionable while others own the businesses that we support… Don’t hate the Vietnamise man or the Chinese man where we buy fake hair from cause they are entreprenurial people… We just consume everything we can and our children pick up on it… Cheap shoes, cheap clothes from It’s Fashion and City Trends… Just wash it once and watch it tear up on you… BET shows it and we go out to buy it. In the words of Spike LEE on School Daze… “WAKE UP”!!!!


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