The State of Black America

What is the deal with all of these old heads poppin up pregnant. I mean they are coming like the flood in the bible days. Everywhere I look there is someone flashing a 3D picture of their baby in the womb. Baby shower invitations…
We are becoming a nation of single parent homes.
Who is going to be the father in these children’s lives
Who is going to take responsibility for all of this
Our aged people are dying so who will be this generation’s grandparents?
The crack heads and hoochies that are still trying to get their club on?

What is the real deal?
People want to complain about the Mexicans trying to come here to work.. well most of these negroes here have hoop dreams and rap star dreams that they have a million in one shot of achieving… “Let me see your grill” and “I’m in love with a stripper”… what’s all that about anyway… straight up ghetto mentality that has crept into the mainstream… Negroes are proud of that though… what are half of these rappers talking about anyway… nothing.. can you understand any of it?
What is going on in America and especially in black america?
Where are our heads? We get more degrees than a thermometer and we still don’t have no sense..
We got in an uproar when Cosby told the truth on us… Truth hurts don’t it!!! Bottom line is we should all get it together.. The day of the porch monkey is over!!!
If you disagree, then you just don’t know… but you betta ask somebody!


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